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Tuesday’s Tool: Word Sift

Word Sift is a great tool to help teachers encourage comprehension and understanding of vocabulary. Word Sift combines the idea of tag clouds, Google Images, and a visual thesaurus. Teachers can enter any text, click the sift button and it generates a tag cloud of the fifty most common words that appeared in the text. The largest words in the tag cloud are the most frequent words. The largest words from the cloud are entered into the Google Image search and the Visual Thesaurus. You can also click on any words in the cloud and access them via the Google Image search and Visual Thesaurus.

Other features of Word Sift are the ability to highlight words from a variety of content areas, and rank words from the most common to rare or rare to common. In Word Sift, you can click on the Create Workspace link. You can drag words from the tag cloud into the workspace area, set the Google Images to be draggable, and students can create visual meaning of words.

For more information on Word Sift, check out the video tutorial.

As you reflect on the tool Word Sift, what are some ways you envision using this tool in your classroom?

Video Tutorial: http://www.wordsift.com/site/video

Carmen Marty is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.