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eMINTS Pre-Conference Announcement

These 3-hour hands-on workshops are offered from 1:00 – 4:00 on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 to kick off this year’s eMINTS National Center Conference.

Wock Your Webpage with Weebly – Learn how to transform your online classroom webpage with Weebly – and you can link to the world!

Applying Research-based Strategies Using SMART Products – Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to connect the Nine Instructional Strategies to your SMART Notebook lessons to improve student achievement.

Digital Journey to Authentic Learning – Participants will learn how to blend creativity into student-centered activities and how to use Share software to create and publish in the 21st Century classroom.

Unlocking the Potential of Google Apps – Participants will experience the benefits of using Google Apps within their buildings, grade level teams and even with students.

Using Open Source Content in the Blended Classroom – explore technical tools that are freely accessible online for public use and how these tools can economically extend your classrooms into the 21st century- expanding the learning experience and opportunities for all.

Visit http://www.emints.org/conference-2012/conference-schedule/ for more information on these workshops, keynotes, and all of the breakout sessions offered at our annual eMINTS National Center Conference. Hurry! Registration closes on February 3, 2012.

We hope to see you there!

Cara Wylie

eMINTS National Center Conference Coordinator

Tuesday’s Tool: SMART Notebook Express

SMART Boards and other interactive white boards have become even more common than the traditional chalkboard in today’s classrooms. Those schools who are equipped with SMART Boards have quickly discovered the virtues of the accompanying software, better known as SMART Notebook. Notebook is such a useful tool that teachers now find ways for students to use the software on their own computers and not just the SMART Board.

Unfortunately, most students do not have access to this software at home. Schools are limited to a certain number of licenses for Notebook software. Students are unable to access SMART Notebook files at home…well, until now!

SMART Notebook Express is a free, online app that can allow any home computer user to have access to SMART Notebook files. This version of the software is paired down and not as extensive as the desktop version, but it does allow a certain amount of access to SMART Notebook files that would be otherwise be inaccessible.

The features on SMART Notebook Express include:

  • Page sorter
  • Text-editing tool
  • Pen tool
  • Object manipulation
  • Create new pages or files
  • Multimedia support
  • Save function

Besides allowing students and parents to access your SMART Notebook files at home, there are other uses for this online app. Create the structure or organization for a lesson from any computer and just add the “bells and whistles” later when you have a full version of Notebook available. You could also simply edit or evaluate a Notebook file from anywhere. If you’re planning to demonstrate a concept already created in Notebook but the computer you’re using isn’t properly equipped, just use Express. The ability to open Notebook files from any computer with or without SMART Notebook makes Express a valuable tool.

Have you tried using SMART Notebook Express yet? What uses can you see for Express?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center and he wishes he had his own SMART Board to keep in his home.

Monday Message: June 20, 2011

Welcome New eMINTS Staff Members!

The eMINTS National Center is pleased to announce the addition of three new staff members. We have added Jennifer Foster who was an eMINTS teacher from Winona, MO and who has just recently completed the PD4ETS program as an eMINTS Instructional Specialist in the South Central portion of the state. Jen will be working with several of the rural districts involved in our i3 (Investing in Innovation) grant project.

We also welcomed Amy Blades who completed the PD4ETS program several years ago when she was with the Centralia School District here in Missouri. She spent some time in Texas and is now back in the Springfield, MO area. Amy will also be working as an eMINTS Instructional Specialist with rural districts in the i3 grant project in the southwestern part of the state.

Finally, we are excited to welcome Deborah Sutton as a Program Coordinator here in the Columbia office. Those of you who live in Missouri will know Deb from her many years asĀ  the Director of Instructional Technology at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Deb retired from the Department at the end of May and we are happy to have her assistance with the i3 grant project and several other initiatives across the state.

eMINTS/SMART Training in Missouri: eMINTS staff who are Certified SMART Trainers are offering two levels of professional development on SMART Board and SMART Notebook in summer 2011 at three locations across the state – Columbia, Springfield and St. Louis. Attend one day or both days. For more information on dates and costs or to register for a session near you see: http://www.emints.org/programs/smart/index.shtml