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Thursday’s Tip: Preflection

One of the great things about working for eMINTS is that you are constantly exposed to some great teaching and facilitation ideas.┬áToday’s tip comes from PD4ETS participant Delyn Bogle of Cameron, MO. Delyn calls his idea “preflection.”

A “preflection” is a reflection one writes for one’s future self. Delyn suggested that after a year of professional development training, it would be interesting to have teachers reflect on all their accomplishments over the year. He suggested using an online tool such as Google Calendar or FutureMe.org to send a message containing one’s preflection. The preflection is a sneaky way of getting teachers to set goals for the coming year. The online tools insure that the teachers are able to revisit these goals in a year.

The same can be done for students at any point in a school year. Google Calendar could work, but FutureMe sometimes contains some adult content. So, be aware. You can always have your students write their preflections the old-fashioned way as a letter on paper and put them away to be opened at a later date.

What other possibilities do you see for preflections? Are there other online tools that could help in sending preflections?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.