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Monday Message: May 23, 2011

Happy Monday, all! May seems to be chugging along at a quick pace. That can be good or bad, depending on whether your school year is over or about to end. Either way, things are always happening here at eMINTS…

If you are in Missouri and your district is planning on sending new or replacement Year 1 Comprehensive eMINTS teachers, eMINTS4All teachers or Professional Development for Educational Technology Specialists (PD4ETS) participants to training provided by eMINTS staff, please register those participants at: http://www.emints.org/services/adduserprogram.php by May 31.

Missouri District-level eMINTS Instructional Specialists: Please use the same link to register any new Year 1 Comprehensive eMINTS or eMINTS4All teachers that you will be training as well by May 31. Please also register teachers who are continuing  from Year 1 into Year 2 next school year. This will ensure that we provide access to eMINTS materials and Moodle space (pending approved schedules) to  your teachers.

eMINTS program participants in other states will receive instructions about how to register new Year 1 teachers and continuing Year 2 teachers in the next several weeks.

Please call the eMINTS office at 573-884-7202 with any questions.

Southern Boone School District in Ashland, MO Seeking Certified eMINTS Specialist: The Southern Boone County School District in Ashland, MO is interested in hearing from certified eMINTS instructional specialists (graduates of PD4ETS) or educators who would be willing to complete the PD4ETS program. Ashland is located 15 miles south of Columbia and 15 miles north of Jefferson City on Highway 63.  Contact Superintendent, Mrs. Charlotte Miller, at cmiller@ashland.k12.mo.us<mailto:cmiller@ashland.k12.mo.us> and to express your interest in learning more.

eMINTS Winter Conference Survey: We are planning our 2012 eMINTS Winter Conference. We want your input. Not planning on attending? That’s okay! We still want your input. Please help us by taking just a few minutes to fill out this very brief survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6QC9ZXR

Monday’s Message: May 2, 2011

With the big news last night, many of you are probably still buzzing or are dragging from having to stay up so late for the President’s announcement. Either way, the week and month are ready to commence. Here are a few news items from the eMINTS National Center:

  • Professional Development for Educational Technology Specialists (PD4ETS): If your district (either in Missouri or out-of-state) is planning to send someone to participate in Year 1 of the PD4ETS program beginning this summer, please email eMINTS. We are trying to assess the level of potential interest in the program so that we can plan accordingly. Several districts have already contacted us and we want to see where other possible participants may be located. For more information about PD4ETS, see our website at: http://www.emints.org/programs/pd4ets/index.shtml or call us at 573-884-7202. This is not a commitment, just a check point for planning purposes.
  • Ever wish you could communicate more effectively with the people you supervise, work with or train? Do you find it challenging to help people solve complicated problems they are facing or to change how they are teaching or working with others? The Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar® is an eight-day professional development opportunity for instructional coaches, administrators, teachers, mentors, professors, supervisors, eMINTS PD4ETS program participants, certified Educational Technology Specialists and anyone who wants to encourage self-directedness of others. Participants will learn strategies to increase others’ thinking potential and mediate thinking when working with someone who is planning, reflecting or struggling with a problem. Cognitive CoachingSM – a research-based model – encourages the process of decision-making to achieve goals through metacognition. If you are interested in learning more about supporting people in becoming self directed please visit http://www.emints.org/programs/cognitivecoaching/index.shtml to learn more about our Fall 2011 Cognitive CoachingSM Foundations Seminar.
  • eThemes Featured on Kathy Schrock Site: Many of you know of Kathy Schrock who is well-known for her website and blogs featuring great educational web resources. She placed eThemes on her SOS (Sites of the School Days) page: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/sos.html It is number 35. This is great recognition for eThemes and the wonderful resources you can find there.

Thursday’s Tip: Preflection

One of the great things about working for eMINTS is that you are constantly exposed to some great teaching and facilitation ideas. Today’s tip comes from PD4ETS participant Delyn Bogle of Cameron, MO. Delyn calls his idea “preflection.”

A “preflection” is a reflection one writes for one’s future self. Delyn suggested that after a year of professional development training, it would be interesting to have teachers reflect on all their accomplishments over the year. He suggested using an online tool such as Google Calendar or FutureMe.org to send a message containing one’s preflection. The preflection is a sneaky way of getting teachers to set goals for the coming year. The online tools insure that the teachers are able to revisit these goals in a year.

The same can be done for students at any point in a school year. Google Calendar could work, but FutureMe sometimes contains some adult content. So, be aware. You can always have your students write their preflections the old-fashioned way as a letter on paper and put them away to be opened at a later date.

What other possibilities do you see for preflections? Are there other online tools that could help in sending preflections?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.

A Delicious Way to Bookmark a Website

A colleague recently introduced me to Delicious, an online bookmarking site.  I’d previously been exposed to ikeepbookmarks, but I found the organizational structure of Delicious fit my needs better.

What do I like about Delicious?  Saving bookmarks is ridiculously easy.  My bookmarks are available from any computer with internet access, and my colleagues with Delicious accounts can choose to receive updates every time I add a bookmark.  Best of all, the bookmarks can be searched and I can categorize them any way I choose, nor am I limited by the number of categories, or tags I use.

Once you create a free Delicious account you can choose to add shortcuts to your  menu bar.  If I open a website that I think my colleagues would like, I click on the “tag” icon and enter it immediately.  No more logging into my web page program to copy and paste the link to a subject specific web page.  I’ve removed all those web pages and replaced it with a link to my Delicious account.  Now my colleagues that are in search of subject specific websites for class can access my Delicious account. It’s easier to keep my Delicious bookmarks up-to-date than my web pages, and I can easily remove links that aren’t being used.

I can make some bookmarks private (just for me to view).  The others are public, for teachers and students in my building to access.

Common Craft has created an excellent 3 minute video that explains social networking and shows how to create an account on Delicious.

Bookmarking in Plain English

Create your free account today and see how easy it is to access your information.

Diane McCormack is a PD4ETS graduate and currently a building technology facilitator for Afton Schools here in Missouri. To access Diane’s Delicious bookmarks, click here.