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Firefox: Organizational Tip – Tab Groups

This was my browser workflow before finding Firefox Tab Groups….

I would be working on, let’s say, a blog post. I would have open multiple browser windows (2-3 usually), each with their own VERY IMPORTANT plethora of tabs, all in some sort of order that made sense in my delusional organization plan. I thought I was organized! With my tons of tabs, in order, in multiple windows, trying to figure out which to bring to the front, where a specific webpage was, and then deciding that they were grouped wrong and then dragging tabs from one window to another. (See mess below)



I would drive myself nuts trying to position the windows just right so that I could drag tabs to new windows. It was crushing when I would accidentally close a window FULL of sites to never see them again. Don’t even get me started about the amount of prime property it took up in my dock when all these windows were all minimized. It really was going to be the death of me until…

enter stage right…my savior, my knight-in-shining-armor, my hero ….Firefox Tab Groups. I had the webpage with instructions in an open tab for more than a month before adding it to my “EXPLORE” list in my Outlook ToDo list. It took me a few more months before I had a week this summer to do some R&D and get back to that “EXPLORE” list.

It was AMAZING, I read the instructions and made a couple of quick clicks, typed in a couple of names, and turned that crazy mess of windows and tabs into THIS (see below). It became a beautifully organized, gathering of websites sorted into groups of small images with titles all in ONE window. Ahhhh, sweet organization!



How to Tame the BEAST: It’s pretty simple to set up, but the directions from Firefox didn’t work exactly as stated on the website under the “How do I create a tab group?” section. What I did was first add a couple of tabs, then selected “Customize” toolbar from the View>Toolbars drop-down menu.

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.34.12 PM

From there it was a piece of cake. I created new groups by double-clicking in the gray area to add a new tab in a new group. Then i named my groups by hovering over a group until the “Name this group” text field showed up (where you seem my “Work – Must Do” title) and then I typed in the name I wanted. Named Tab GroupThen I dragged the existing tabs around to the appropriate group and resized the group areas so that I could see a larger or smaller image of the tabs to help me identify them. I have 3 main groups, 2 for work and 1 personal group.PinnedTabinGroupsWhen I am ready to start browsing I click on the tab I want front and center, notice all of the other tabs in that group are available in the same window. When I want to get back to view all the tab groups I just click the “Group Your Tabs” button in the top right corner of the Firefox window. TabGroupsIconYou should practice going back and forth between tabs and groups but be careful because when it asks if you are sure you want to close the windows it means all of your Firefox windows.

DontCloseWindowsThere are a few additional features such as searching and saving resources for reviewing later using Pocket. These instructions, and more, can be found on the Use Tab Groups Mozilla Support Page. All images captured by Brooke Higgins.

Brooke Higgins, occasional blogger, is an eIS for the eMINTS National Center working with eMINTS teachers, trainers, and administrators. All of her posts, including this one, can be found at The Higgins Helps blog.

Friday 4ALL: The New Year Resolution with Fly Lady

New Year’s Resolutions!  You hear it on TV and on the radio.  What is yours?  Is it to lose weight? Read more? Eat healthier? Exercise regularly?

Well mine is to keep my office organized.  It is so easy to come home from a meeting and drop everything on my desk or in a pile and leave it.

For my personal decluttering I have been using a website.  It is known as the Fly Lady. She sends out an email everyday with tips for you to keep your house decluttered.  Her motto is that you can do anything for 15 minutes.  Yes!  I can do anything for 15 minutes!
Fly Lady sets up zones in the house.  For example the zone for this week is the entry, and dining room.  I have decided to zone my office and work space.  It is the same idea only I tweaked it to fit my red zone.  Zone 1 is the desk top!  If I can keep it organized and decluttered, then I can work more efficiently and I will be more productive. Zone 2 is a side table that I seem to use to dump all of my materials when I return from a meeting or training. Zone 3 is the book shelves where I keep books and files.  And Zone 4 is now the rest of the room that seems to accumulate things that go in other parts of the house.  Last but not least is my computer desktop, it will be Zone 5.  So now Monday through Friday has a zone.
Hmmm….   “I can do anything for 15 minutes!”  Here it goes…

I set the timer for 15 minutes and I am off to work on Zone 1. (This technique could be easily tweaked for use in a classroom.)

Stephanie Bengtson is an area specialist for the eMINTS National Center.