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HD_Links: Occupy Wall Street

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Much of the news right now is focused on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York and all around the country. When movements such as Occupy Wall Street happen, a fantastic opportunity arises to teach a cross-curricular collection of topics that utilize current events to relate to our students. Politics, economics, rhetoric, civics, history, and environmental studies are just a few subjects that relate to Occupy Wall Street.

This week’s set of links gives you what you need to address this important event that applies to 100% of us, not just the 99%.

  • The New York Times’ The Learning Network blog has a comprehensive list of lesson ideas and links to resources for the protests and the issues surrounding it.
  • Another newspaper, The Washington Post, has a primer up for its readers.
  • Comedian and actor Mike Myers visits the protest in this YouTube video:

  • Ecology of Education has an educator’s perspective of the protests.
  • Of course, to follow the events and gain some perspective on all the late-breaking news from the Occupy Wall Street protests, watch the action on Twitter. Much like the protests in the Middle East, this is a movement born and developed online.

How are you addressing the Occupy Wall Street protests in your classroom? How do the issues brought up in the protests apply to our students’ lives? How does this movement compare to social movements of the past or in other parts of the world?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.

Students on the Move

wobbly disks 2Do you have students that wiggle and fidget? Do you wish your kids could sit still?

The students at Webster Groves Computer School are participating in a new program called Students on the Move. Wiggling, fidgeting, and even Yoga are built into different learning activities! You won’t find straight, quiet lines in the hallway. Kids are encouraged to jump, skip, and hop their way down the hall. Teachers report encouraging movement actually helps the children settle down when it is time to get focused.

Watch this clip to find out more!

What might be some ways you could incorporate movement into your learning environment?

Carmen Marty is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.