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HD_Links: 2012

Matthew G. Bisanz [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0, GPL, LGPL or FAL], via Wikimedia Commons

According to the Mayan calendar as some believe, December 21, 2012 will mark the end of the world. Interestingly, this is merely a misinterpretation of the cycle in this ancient calendar. December 21st of this year will simply mark a turnover to the next cycle.

Still, the topic of the Mayan civilization and even the year 2012 bring up some interesting ideas for research. This week’s list of links will help fill you in on these topics and possibly inspire some learning in your classroom:

Mayan Civilization & Calendar:

Will the world end in 2012?

  • A report on December 21, 2012 on Good Morning America
  • An interesting story on rethinking calendars
  • What about solar storms in 2012?

  • What does NASA have to say about the end of the earth? Go here to find out.
  • Finally, what would a list of links be without an appropriate infographic?

 A brief history of doomsdays

What ideas do you have for discussing the Mayan calendar and/or predictions for 2012? How might some of these resources be the impetus for a unit or WebQuest? What are some other resources on the Mayans people, calendar, or doomsday prophecies that we may have missed?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist and blogger with the eMINTS National Center and he’s pretty confident he’ll see you all after December 21, 2012.