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Monday Message: August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene (NASA, International Space Station, 08/22/11)
Hurricane Irene (NASA, International Space Station, 08/22/11)

Here are a few items to get you started this week…

Senate Bill 54
There have been developments in the SB54 issue. Check the following links to get the latest:

e-Learning for Educators
e-Learning for Educators Online Professional Development Fall Registration Now Open: See the great online PD courses available through e-Learning for Educators for the 2011 Fall semester. Courses are short (7-8 weeks long), facilitated by practicing educators, and carry optional graduate credit. Courses are affordable at $150 per course per participant.

Check out the courses and register at: http://www.elearningmo.org/register/ Call e-Learning at 573-884-4233 with questions or for more information. Registration closes September 21 and courses begin October 5.

Missouri Future of Learning Forum
MOREnet Offers NEW Opportunity for Missouri High School Students: Prototype @ the Missouri Future of Learning Forum is an intensive hands-on design camp immersing passionate and creative students in a collaborative environment to re-imagine the future of learning. Students will learn how design and design-thinking can unlock real world challenges. Students will work with acclaimed designers and educators crafting new models of the classroom and of learning.

The forum will bring together high school students from across Missouri; large and small, rural and urban. As design participants, students will be fully-immersed in a creative setting, presented with a challenge, spend two days collaborating as a team and talking with innovative designers and educationalists from around the country as they design their prototype solution If you know a creative, innovative, student looking to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime event that will enable him/her to meet other students, establi  sh relationships with business leaders, open doors for the future of innovation in Missouri education, then encourage him/her to apply for the Missouri Future of Learning Forum.

The Prototype Design Camp staff and Event Committee (which includes MOREnet staff and member representatives) will select up to 40 sophomore, junior and senior high school students to participate. The online application, design challenge and faculty recommendation(s) will be used to  determine candidate selection. Applications will be accepted until Sept. 12, 2011 so don’t delay, have your students begin working on their applications soon! MOREnet will notify accepted applicants by Sept. 16, 2011. Student out-of-pocket cost to attend is $25 plus travel to Tan-Tar-A, meals outside the forum and incidental expenses. One school chaperone will be required for every two student participants. The chaperone’s cost will only be travel to Tan-Tar-A, meals outside the forum and incidental expenses.

For more in  formation see: http://www.more.net/futurelearning/ Online application available at: http://www.cvent.com/events/2011-missouri-future-of-learning-forum/event-summary-9ade49f383ec4252b4cee04d7a02c9f0.aspx

eMINTS Community
Share the Good News: Do you have something special to report about your school or classroom? An honor or award that has been presented? Share the good news with your eMINTS colleagues across the US and world by sending details about the good news to emints-info@emints.org or join us on Facebook.