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HD_Links: EduBlogs Teacher Challenge

Edublogs is tying to provide teachers the best in free professional development through a feature called “Teacher Challenge.” Here’s how Edublogs describes the program:

The Teacher Challenge is made up of free 30 day professional development challenges where participants are stepped through weekly tasks that increase their skills while working together as part of a global community.

The Challenge is open to anyone who wants to increase their skills – blogs will be used for reflecting your progress while learning and connecting with each other. We’ve observed success of any use of online technology is strongly related to the teacher’s abilities. The greater we support and increase a teacher’s skills, the better they are able to support their students use of web 2.0 technologies.

If you choose to take the challenge, you don’t have to have a blog on Edublogs. Of course, you could just take the challenge without blogging your experiences, but where’s the fun in that. So far, the 30-day challenges have covered the following:

#1 – Wallwisher
#2 – Self-grading Quizzes
#3 – Bitstrips for Schools
#4 – Classtools.net
#5 – Edmodo
#6 – DoInk
#7 – Kerpoof
#8 – Glogster
#9 – ToonDoo
#10 – Wordle
#11 – Skype
#12 – Animoto
#13 – VoiceThreads
#14 – PhotoFiltre
#15 – Livebinders
#16 – WeeBehave
#17 – DropBox
#18 – Jing
#19 – Audacity
#20 – LearnBoost
#21 – Wetoku

As you can see, Teacher Challenge has covered a wide range of free online tools about which you can learn. Plus, they intend to continue with more every thirty days or so. To keep up with the Edublogs Teacher Challenges, simply become a Facebook fan or follow them on Twitter. Of course, you could always subscribe to the Teacher Challenge blog.

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.