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Thursday’s Tip: The Classroom Blog – An Instructional Tool

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I have heard a lot of teachers ask “Why should I blog?” and “Why should my kids blog?” In response I often say “So you want to know why you should write?” …..that is really what blogging is all about. A blog has simply taken the old journal or “Author’s Chair” to a new level….a global level. No longer are students and teachers thoughts and ideas meant for only them to hear, think about, and learn from. Now the world can read them and respond to them and everyone can learn. So when it’s time for writing in your classroom, don’t say….”let’s blog” say “let’s write”!

Edublogs has put together a Teacher Challenge for blogging, a 30 day free professional development challenge to help teachers increase their blogging skills while collaborating with a global teacher community. For more information check out the Teacher Blogging Challenge.

Other sites that may help you improve your class or teacher blog include:
Do you have a class or school blog?
Blog Ideas

So good luck and start writing!