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What happened?

It’s been a busy and hectic past couple of weeks, but we’re still here. Look for things to resume as normal next week. Until then, check out the message from eMINTS Director Monica Beglau in regards to the tragedy in Japan:

With the world’s attention focused on the natural disasters occurring in Japan, many teachers may want to take this opportunity to work with their students on disaster planning and to develop a deeper understanding of changes to the earth’s surface that may result in catastrophes for human beings. The natural disasters in Japan also highlight how man-made structures such as nuclear energy plants can be affected and create additional hazards. eMINTS has developed a unit/lesson plan and provided many resources for teachers to use in working with these topics in the classroom. While the grade level listed for the unit/lesson plan is “Grade 4,” the concepts are also important in middle and high school. Creative teachers will be able to adapt the unit/lesson plan by increasing the difficulty of the task and having older students work with students from other grade levels where possible to develop school-wide plans. See http://www.emints.org/resources/index.shtml for more information.

Special thanks to the Safe America Foundation for the use of their materials in the unit/lesson plan. The Safe America Foundation is dedicated to improving the safety of Americans by making them aware of threats, encouraging them to prepare and through the distribution of safety products. A 501.c.3 nonprofit organization chartered in 1994, Safe America works in partnership with corporate, governmental, public and private sector organizations and other nonprofits to develop programs targeting emerging safety issues or to bring new insight or new technologies to persistent threats – at home, work or play. Learn more at: http://www.safeamerica.org/

Additional Information: Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas and Illinois districts may also wish to participate in the multi-state earthquake preparedness drill on April 28th. For more information on the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut see: http://www.shakeout.org/centralus/

Missouri-specific information is available from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at: http://dese.mo.gov/commissioner/documents/ShakeOut-letter.pdf