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Teaching Tips: Using Corkboard.me in Your Classroom

Some time back I shared how you might use a virtual corkboards as a collaboration tool in your classroom. Recently, a friend shared with me some updates that one of the online tools I highlighted has added. These new features make the tool even more dynamic. Corkboard.me is expanding and adding features to make it more useful and collaboration friendly. Here are some of the new options Corkboard.me offers:

Add Images – You can now add images to your board. All you need is the URL for an image location and you can paste it into a note by right clicking and selecting paste from the drop-down menu.

Mini Map Navigation – Corkboard.me has always had a small map in the bottom right corner that, when clicked, will show you where all notes have been placed. Great to use when you know others are pasting notes to a board and you can”t find them.

Real Time Changes – There is no need to refresh your page to see updates others make to your Corkboard.me page, casino they all happen in real time. When your students are collaborating with others outside of your classroom, everyone can see changes instantly.

Chatting – Sometimes when you and students are working with others that aren”t in the same room you need to do more then post a note on the corkboard, now Corkboard.me has a chatting feature. Have your students change the name to their first name and they can begin chatting. As the teacher you can monitor the conversations and add to the discussion as well.

Embedding – One of the coolest new features (I think) is that now you can embed your Corkboard.me page in any online tool that allows for embed code. Whether it be your website, wiki, Moodle course, or more, you can share what is on your corkboard page with anyone.

Corkboard Protection – Any finally, you can now show off your corkboards to others without the fear of them making changes. Corkboard.me allows you to “lock” a corkboard and share a View Only copy. It”s a link to a protected version you can give to anyone without the worry that the content will be changed.

Corkboard.me is not a paying sponsor or advertiser on this blog just a great online tool that I can”t quit talking about.

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. You can read more at her blog Higgins Helpful Hints Blog.

HD Links: Must Reads Online

Here are five links you should read right now!

  • “Let Kids Rule the School” (New York Times) – A unique program in western Massachusetts combined both struggling and high-achieving students in a program they design. What emerges is an authentic and student-centered learning experience that holds students responsible for their own education.
  • “Whiteboard hardware battles, what do they mean?” (Education, Teaching, Technology) – A blogger senses the ever-escalating “arms race” between interactive white board manufacturers and points out what’s missing: a new pedagogical approach.
  • “You Can Now Embed Corkboard Me” (Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…) – One of the great collaborative tools for brainstorming is now embeddable. Corkboard Me is a collaborative tool that works as a virtual corkboard, perfect for brainstorming. Now that it is embeddable, users can place a corkboard on their website, blog, or classroom portal.
  • “Tools to Go Paperless” (Teach Paperless) – Teach Paperless is a blog dedicated to reducing our dependancy on paper in schools. This post simply lists many of the great ways one can go paperless in their own facilitation.
  • Council Bluffs Community School District Guidelines for Facebook™ as a Parent Communication Tool – Normally, district policy is not the most intriguing example of reading material. However, this document outlines ways in which one district has found justification for Facebook use in the classroom.

Zac Early is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.