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Time to Register for the 2014 eMINTS Conference!

It is that time of year again, when educators from near and far make plans to attend the annual eMINTS National Center Conference.  This exciting event takes place Feb 26-Feb 28 at the Stoney Creek Inn in Columbia, MO and is designed for anyone who is passionate about learning, teaching, and connecting with technology.


If you have never before attended this conference, please accept this invitation.

eMINTS teachers, trainers, technicians, and administrators  are looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. They are preparing session workshops and designing their materials, selecting activities, resources and choosing strategies that can be taken back and used by participants almost immediately and in practically any learning environment.

The Keynote speakers will be Dr. Alex Repenning – “‘Excuse me, I need better Artificial Intelligence!‘ Igniting Students’ Intrinsic Math Motivation through Game Design” and Dr. Wesley Fryer – “Mapping Media to the Common Core”.

There are also two brand new opportunities that take place during the conference this year.  On Wednesday afternoon, there is a pre-conference 2.5 hour session called the “eMINTS Academy”.  During this session, eMINTS Instructional Specialists will be showcasing several custom PD offerings.  Actual activities from those recent and upcoming sessions will be delivered to participants.

On Wednesday and Thursday evening, the eMINTS community will gather to have the very first Camp eMINTS”.  This event will have a guest speakers, group sharing, games and resources that will be sure to allow attendees to help build professional relationships.

Both the eMINTS Academy and Camp eMINTS are free!

To register and find more information, visit http://www.emints.org/conference-2014/

Doug Caldwell, EdS, is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.

Weekly Update 3/5/12

Annual eMINTS Conference Resources Available on eMINTS Website: Check out the great resources and materials shared by presenters at the 2012 eMINTS Conference. Many of the presenters have graciously shared the resources, sites, tips, and materials they used in their concurrent presentations at the Conference via the eMINTS website. Visit the website at: http://www.emints.org/conference-2012/presentation-materials/ for more information.

eMINTS Discussion List Server Migration: The host for the eMINTS discussion list, MOREnet, has notified us that there will be very small and short outages of the discussion list as they move the list to a new server this week. A specific time for the outage has not been provided, however, it will be a very brief outage and should not affect any future functions of the discussion list. The Weekly Update apparently got caught in the migration and is thus late by a day. Once the migration is completed this week, the interface will remain the same as will all features including the availability of archives and the options to manage your own experiences on the list (subscribe, unsubscribe, request digests, etc.). If you experience any continued difficulties, please email support@emints.org<mailto:support@emints.org> for assistance.

New eThemes for the week of March 05, 2012

Early American Settlements: For Lower Elementary Grades<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/2018?locale=en>

These sites are about the early American settlements at Plymouth and Jamestown. They include instructional materials, videos, coloring sheets, games, recipes, and images. Links to eThemes Resources: Pilgrims of Plymouth County, Mayflower Voyage, Famous People: Pocahontas, and Early Settlement of North America.

Math: Solving High Degree Polynomials<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/2017?locale=en>

These sites include information on solving high degree polynomial equations. Algebraic concepts covered include: solving for graphing, dividing polynomials, cubics, quartics, and the use of the Rational Root Theorem. Includes links to explanations and interactive applets for solving these types of equations. Links to eThemes Resources: Math: Quadratic Equations: Graphs and Patterns, and Math: Quadratic Functions.

Photos and Images for Educational Use<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/125?locale=en>

These sites are collections of photo databases free for educational use. There are general image galleries that include various categories and sites with images on specific topic. Clip art is not included.

Weekly Update 2/27/12

Congratulations to Baldwin County, AL eMINTS Teacher: Congratulations to Nick Hemmert, eMINTS teacher in Baldwin County, AL for being profiled in the Press-Register blog. Nick is a 4th grade eMINTS teacher at Robertsdale Elementary School in Elberta, AL. Read more about Nick and how he teaches at:http://blog.al.com/pr-community-news/2012/02/get_to_know_nick_hemmert.html

Successful eMINTS Conference: Congratulations to eMINTS staff and presenters at the annual eMINTS Conference in Columbia, MO this past week. The sessions were outstanding and provided attendees with excellent teaching tips and opportunities to share what works with technology and teaching. Watch for podcasts and other resources that will be shared out via the eMINTS website and blog.

Thursday keynote: Dr. Todd Whitaker – What Great Teachers Do Differently?

Dr. Todd Whitaker of Indiana State University is delivering our Thursday keynote address. In his talk, he poses the following question:

What are the specific qualities and practices of great teachers that elevate them above the rest?

Dr. Whitaker identifies what the most effective teachers do differently than their less-effective colleagues. The goal is for participants to walk out knowing what great teachers do differently; why these things make them more effective; and learn how to immediately implement each of these into their own classrooms and schools.

A key discrepancy Dr. Whitaker makes early on is that to find the most effective things great teachers do is to differentiate between what they do and what ineffective teachers do. If we only look at great teachers and schools, it’s hard to determine what’s being done right. Unless we know both what great and not-so-great teachers do differently, it’s hard to determine what we should do to be the most effective teachers we can be.

A major issue is that people have no idea how they come across. Dr. Whitaker points out that the issue is not what teachers do; it’s how well they do it. For example, he asked the audience what’s wrong with the phrase “poor classroom lecturer”. Dr. Whitaker helped the group out by limiting the choices to “poor” and “lecturer”. Because we’re eMINTS educators who believe in inquiry and less-traditional forms of teaching, we identified “lecturer” as the problem. As Dr. Whitaker points out that the real problem is that these teachers do it poorly.

Check out what the audience had to say. Some of the quotes are particularly juicy.

The talk is inspiring as Dr. Whitaker identifies the characteristics that great teachers have. Ironically, the things that make a teacher great are similar to the things that make people successful in the rest of life. Dr. Whitaker’s books and talks are highly recommended.

To continue following the discussions happening at the eMINTS Conference, check in with this blog or follow the hashtag #eC12 on Twitter.

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eMINTS Pre-Conference Announcement

These 3-hour hands-on workshops are offered from 1:00 – 4:00 on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 to kick off this year’s eMINTS National Center Conference.

Wock Your Webpage with Weebly – Learn how to transform your online classroom webpage with Weebly – and you can link to the world!

Applying Research-based Strategies Using SMART Products – Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to connect the Nine Instructional Strategies to your SMART Notebook lessons to improve student achievement.

Digital Journey to Authentic Learning – Participants will learn how to blend creativity into student-centered activities and how to use Share software to create and publish in the 21st Century classroom.

Unlocking the Potential of Google Apps – Participants will experience the benefits of using Google Apps within their buildings, grade level teams and even with students.

Using Open Source Content in the Blended Classroom – explore technical tools that are freely accessible online for public use and how these tools can economically extend your classrooms into the 21st century- expanding the learning experience and opportunities for all.

Visit http://www.emints.org/conference-2012/conference-schedule/ for more information on these workshops, keynotes, and all of the breakout sessions offered at our annual eMINTS National Center Conference. Hurry! Registration closes on February 3, 2012.

We hope to see you there!

Cara Wylie

eMINTS National Center Conference Coordinator

Monday’s Message (on a Tuesday): Martin Luther King & eMINTS Conference

We trust that you had a restful and reflective Martin Luther King Day. Since it was a holiday, there was no post yesterday, but today you will get two posts! For those looking for Martin Luther King materials, check out roughly 200,000 of Dr. King’s writings at the King Center website and archive.

For those searching out information on the annual eMINTS Conference, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a message from the conference committee:


The eMINTS National Center Conference registration is still open! Come and hear our outstanding keynote speakers! Dr. Todd Whitaker will share “What Great Teachers Do Differently.” Dr. Bernie Dodge will show us “The Power of Student-Made Questions.” Check out all exciting breakout sessions offered this year! http://www.emints.org/conference-2012/conference-schedule/

Hurry! Sessions are filling fast. February 3, 2012 is the deadline for all conference registrations. For complete conference information, visit http://www.emints.org/conference-2012/conference-schedule/.

For questions or registration assistance, please contact the eMINTS National Center office at  register@emints.org or (573) 884-7202.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The eMINTS Conference Committee

Monday Message: December 19, 2011

Click for source.

Hang in there. Your winter break is nearly here! In the meantime, check out some announcements from eMINTS:

e-Learning for Educators Winter/Spring 2012 Registration Open: Register for online professional development courses offered through the eLearning for Educators program at  http://www.elearningmo.org/register/ Courses are available in all content areas for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Learn how to use Google tools, differentiate instruction, or new classroom management tips. Courses are 7 weeks long and begin with an orientation week February 1, 2012. Cost is low at $150 per person (graduate credit is available for an additional $100 per credit hour). e-Learning for Educators offers a limited number of scholarship every semester that reduce the cost of e-Learning courses by 50%. Twenty scholarships will be awarded for Winter/Spring 2012. Scholarships are limited to one per applicant. See http://www.elearningmo.org/scholarships-and-discounts/ for more information about scholarship discounts. Courses are taught by practicing educators who facilitate interesting discussions and are available as a resource to participants. Hurry!! Registration closes January 24, 2012.

eMINTS Offers SMART Notebook Training Sessions: Increase your effectiveness with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software at a full-day professional development session taught by SMART -certified eMINTS staff members. The sessions are intended for new users of SMART Board interactive whiteboards or Notebook software or those who want an introduction to them. Choose one of three dates/locations in Columbia (January 10), St. Louis (January 5) and Kansas City (January 26) areas. Cost is $125 per participant and includes training, lunch and a learner’s workbook. Hurry – registration closes December 16. See: http://www.emints.org/events/smart-training/ for details and registration.

eMINTS Annual Conference Dates: Save the dates! The annual eMINTS Conference is scheduled for February 22 (pre-conference) through February 24, 2012 in Columbia, MO at the Stoney Creek Inn. Detailed information about speakers, sessions, and other events along with registration will open in the next two weeks on the new eMINTS website at: http://www.emints.org/events/

New eThemes:

Career Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/503>
Explore these websites to learn what careers are included in the art, audio-video, and communications career path. Includes information about careers in music, writing, fashion design, and more. There are links to eThemes on career exploration and career interest assessments.

Career Cluster: Business, Management, and Administration<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/504>
Find out how to get involved in business, management, and administration. These websites detail the occupations available and career information such as education needed, salary, and job growth information. Includes links to eThemes on career exploration and career interest assessments.

Health: Cancer<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/1975>
These informational sites provide students with articles, short videos, and audio-articles for research on types and treatments of cancer. Downloadable brochures are available in English, Spanish, and Asian languages. Many types of statistics about cancer are provided. Slideshows of healthy foods, what skin cancer looks like, and tips for quitting smoking add more information for student projects.

Native Americans: Lakota Sioux<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/453>
The Lakota Sioux are known as the “Teton or Western Sioux.” They are closely related to the Dakota tribe. Learn about Crazy Horse and the Lakota winter counts. Includes photographs, a quiz, and two eThemes resources on Native Americans.

NETS Standards<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/454>
These sites are about the NETS standards for students and teachers. They include information about the standards, assessments, related resources, and applications in classroom activities. Includes lesson plans and examples using a PowerPoint presentation.

Nevada: State Facts<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/455>
Learn about the state of Nevada regarding state symbols, wildlife, economics, and history. Find out the history behind the state symbol, myths, and truths about the state. Includes radio clips, illustrations, printable worksheets, games, and a quiz. There is a link to eThemes resource on Nevada state flag.

Monday Message: eMINTS Conference Presentation Deadline Arrives

Today is the day. This is the last day to submit your presentation ideas for our 2012 eMINTS Conference! Go to the conference website for all the details.

Formerly known as “Winter Conference,” the eMINTS conference is in its twelfth year of providing teachers – mostly in the eMINTS program or graduates – with two days of inspiration and invention.

The eMINTS National Center’s 2012 conference planning committee invites the submission of proposals for 1-hour and 2-hour presentations and 3-hour preconference workshops at the 12th annual conference to be held in Columbia, MO, February 22 – 24, 2012.

Conference theme – Experience Unlimited Possibilities for Learning

  • Hands-on and/or participant involvement are strongly encouraged.
  • All presenters are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses.
  • One presenter per accepted presentation proposal receives free registration for the 2012 eMINTS conference.
  • Certified eMINTS instructional specialists can earn 2 recertification units by presenting at the eMINTS conference.
  • As mentioned above, the deadline for submissions is TODAY!
  • Notification of acceptance – mid-October 2011

Submit online proposal now ….

See you in Columbia!