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Weekly Update 2/27/12

Congratulations to Baldwin County, AL eMINTS Teacher: Congratulations to Nick Hemmert, eMINTS teacher in Baldwin County, AL for being profiled in the Press-Register blog. Nick is a 4th grade eMINTS teacher at Robertsdale Elementary School in Elberta, AL. Read more about Nick and how he teaches at:http://blog.al.com/pr-community-news/2012/02/get_to_know_nick_hemmert.html

Successful eMINTS Conference: Congratulations to eMINTS staff and presenters at the annual eMINTS Conference in Columbia, MO this past week. The sessions were outstanding and provided attendees with excellent teaching tips and opportunities to share what works with technology and teaching. Watch for podcasts and other resources that will be shared out via the eMINTS website and blog.

Monday Message for November 8, 2010

Gateway Arch sunrise 6Happy Monday, everyone!

Things are moving along here at the eMINTS National Center. We have several weeks of posts under our belts and I feel like this blog is hitting its stride. However, we still have room for your submissions. Feel free to submit online tools and resources you have found, valuable teaching tips, or inspiring vignettes about all the things that are happening in your classroom. Just go the submission form and fill out the appropriate information.

In the meantime, here are few newsworthy items from eMINTS:

Congratulations to Baldwin County (AL) eMINTS Teachers: Congratulations to Carol Therrell and Vicki Gripp, eMINTS teachers at Stapleton Elementary School in the Baldwin County (Alabama School) District, for the great press coverage of their eMINTS classrooms last week. The classrooms were featured on the local news station. We are proud of you. See the story at: http://www.local15tv.com/ugc/cat/CoolSchools2010/PnrNNPfXrEqbmoR4qfGoig.aspx. eMINTS teachers, Carrie Lowery and Lisa Creps, at Bay Minette Middle School, and their fellow teachers were also recently featured in a news story in the community.

eMINTS Teachers Featured at National Conference: Lori Mathys, eMINTS teacher from Rockwood School District (MO), and Denis Knight, eMINTS teacher from Junction Hill School District (MO), made multiple classroom presentations using the “model classroom” provided by SMART Technologies at the National School Board Association Technology + Learning (NSBA T+L) annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ October 19-21. Each teacher presented different lessons to groups of conference participants who took on the role of elementary or middle school students in the sessions.

Share Your Good News: If you have good news to share about eMINTS or eMINTS/eMINTS4All teachers/PD4ETS participants or graduates or eMINTS students – an award, press coverage, special events of interest – please send a short email with information about the news and any pertinent links to emints-info@emints.org. It is great to be able to highlight positive achievements of eMINTS teachers and students.