Sharing and Collaborating with SMART Notebook 11

How can educators access their SMART Notebook Gallery favorites from any computer and share them with their colleagues?

As I begin preparing for a lesson, it always seems like I am on a different computer. This can pose a problem, when you have resources you rely on. I am a cloud-computing addict. Several of my favorites are Google Drive (, Evernote ( and Dropbox ( Dropbox has really opened my world up to being able to access what I want when I want it and from any device. While reading the blog, I came across a post that inspired me. The title of this post is “Collaborate Using SMART Notebook and Cloud Storage”. Since I am a huge advocate for cloud storage and collaboration tools for personal and classroom use, I was hooked and wanted to know how this could be so. I followed the steps outlined in the post and I was up and going. I instantly had a link between my SMART Notebook Gallery favorites and my Dropbox.

This connectivity between my Dropbox and SMART Notebook 11’s Gallery is referred to as “Team Content”.  I now have a folder in my Dropbox that I can store my favorite gallery items in and share with collegues.  Educators could use this feature to eliminate the need to explore all that SMART Notebook gallery has to offer alone.  Simply share or invite colleagues to join your Dropbox folder and start sharing gallery resources.

To take advantage of this great cloud computing/collaboration tool and to get the step-by-step instructions, visit’s blog post:

How might you and your fellow staff members utilize this resource?

This post was provided by Amy Blades, an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.