Get Ready to Jump to Google Drive

Almost everyone associated with eMINTS – teachers, administrators, instructional specialists -has adopted Google Docs as their preferred online collaboration and production tool. Now, Google is taking their cloud-loving system a step further with Drive. Watch…

With Google Drive, creating and collaborating is still a key feature. However, now storing and finding your files are as effortless as… well… everything else on Google. Plus, Google Drive has a downloadable app to make synching easy, much like DropBox. Each user receives 5GB of storage for free with an option to upgrade for a small fee.

For more details on the benefits of switching over to Google Drive, read Google’s blog post on this new feature. There’s also a Droid app for even more syncing options. Below are a few more articles and blog posts on Google’s newest product:

When do you plan to make the leap to Google Drive? How will this affect your DropBox use? What advantages do you see to Google Drive over the old version of Google Docs?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist and blogger for the eMINTS National Center.

One thought on “Get Ready to Jump to Google Drive”

  1. I started using Drive last week when I needed to share a HUGE presentation file with a colleague across the state. It was way to busy to email and she needed it that day. I uploaded the Keynote (much like PowerPoint) to my Drive. Once uploaded, I shared it with her. She was able to download it in full and begin using it within the afternoon. I will admit it took longer to upload than I thought but it was a very big file.

    Great new use of my Google Docs/Drive…thanks for sharing Zac.

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