I have to share a great new tool that a friend of mine, Debbie Perkins, shared with me; Crocodoc.   I love this new little tool.

Basically this tool allows you to upload PDF’s, documents, or images, share them with anyone and then the people you share it with can add comments, highlights, and text  to whatever you uploaded.    So if I upload an article and share it with someone, that person or persons can add whatever they would like.  And yes, they can add at the same time.

I see a lot of ways that this can be used.  You could upload an article and have individuals or groups highlight and comment on what they feel are the most value points.  Documents that need corrections could be uploaded, like sentences or paragraphs, and then corrections could be made by many individuals with their comments as to why they made the correction they did.  You could upload several examples or quotes that you want viewed and have the people you share it with choose their favorite or the one they have a connection to and then make a comment about why they made that choice.  An image could be uploaded and then captions for the image could be added as comments.

I see so many possibilities for this. What could you do this?

Terri Brines and Debbie Perkins are instructional specialists with the eMINTS National Center.