Weekly Update 3/5/12

Annual eMINTS Conference Resources Available on eMINTS Website: Check out the great resources and materials shared by presenters at the 2012 eMINTS Conference. Many of the presenters have graciously shared the resources, sites, tips, and materials they used in their concurrent presentations at the Conference via the eMINTS website. Visit the website at: http://www.emints.org/conference-2012/presentation-materials/ for more information.

eMINTS Discussion List Server Migration: The host for the eMINTS discussion list, MOREnet, has notified us that there will be very small and short outages of the discussion list as they move the list to a new server this week. A specific time for the outage has not been provided, however, it will be a very brief outage and should not affect any future functions of the discussion list. The Weekly Update apparently got caught in the migration and is thus late by a day. Once the migration is completed this week, the interface will remain the same as will all features including the availability of archives and the options to manage your own experiences on the list (subscribe, unsubscribe, request digests, etc.). If you experience any continued difficulties, please email support@emints.org<mailto:support@emints.org> for assistance.

New eThemes for the week of March 05, 2012

Early American Settlements: For Lower Elementary Grades<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/2018?locale=en>

These sites are about the early American settlements at Plymouth and Jamestown. They include instructional materials, videos, coloring sheets, games, recipes, and images. Links to eThemes Resources: Pilgrims of Plymouth County, Mayflower Voyage, Famous People: Pocahontas, and Early Settlement of North America.

Math: Solving High Degree Polynomials<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/2017?locale=en>

These sites include information on solving high degree polynomial equations. Algebraic concepts covered include: solving for graphing, dividing polynomials, cubics, quartics, and the use of the Rational Root Theorem. Includes links to explanations and interactive applets for solving these types of equations. Links to eThemes Resources: Math: Quadratic Equations: Graphs and Patterns, and Math: Quadratic Functions.

Photos and Images for Educational Use<http://ethemes.missouri.edu/themes/125?locale=en>

These sites are collections of photo databases free for educational use. There are general image galleries that include various categories and sites with images on specific topic. Clip art is not included.