Weekly Update 2/13/12

New Federal Report on Online Learning Available: The US Department of Education released a report called “Understanding the Implications of Online Learning for Educational Productivity” this past January at: http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/os/technology/implications-online-learning.pdf The report provides foundational knowledge needed to understand how online learning can contribute to educational productivity. It has sections on cost-analysis of using online learning (how to estimate program costs and measure program outcomes) to help reduce costs and make education more efficient, particularly at the high school level.

Midwest Educational Technology Conference (METC) Live-Streaming: METC is another great Missouri educational technology conference option. If you can”t attend due to online casino snow or distance, check out some of the great sessions and presenters that are streamed live from St. Louis and the METC event tomorrow and Wednesday, February 14 and 15 at  http://2012.metcconference.org/<http://2012.metcconference.org/>

New and Updated eThemes: For the listing of new and updated eThemes as of today, February 13, 2012 see: http://ethemes.missouri.edu/new_themes?locale=en