Weekly Update – Belated – 2/8/12

Congratulations to Joplin, MO School District for Recognition: Special congratulations to the Joplin, MO school district for TWO special recognitions of the work their district is doing in educational technology and eMINTS. Joplin Superintendent, C.J. Huff, was selected by eSchool News as a 2012 Tech-Savvy Superintendent. See the article at: http://www.eschoolnews.com/2012/02/01/meet-our-2012-tech-savvy-superintendent-award-winners/7/ The district was also featured in an article in Education Week. The article tells of how eMINTS trainer Klista Reynolds and others came to grips with the realization that their high school and tech center were gone and other schools were severely damaged. Read the complete article and see an accompanying video at: http://tinyurl.com/7s8a5b7

eMINTS Blog Discusses eMINTS Instructional Model and “the Basics”: For a thoughtful discussion about the eMINTS instructional model and how to think about eMINTS and the strong knowledge base often needed by students before they can move on to more complex topics and skills see: http://blog.emints.org/ Start a discussion with others and use the blog site as another place to share your ideas and strategies.

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New and Updated eThemes

See the eThemes website for the latest new and updated eThemes resources: http://ethemes.missouri.edu/new_themes?locale=en