Online Tool: Nota

We are always looking for new online tools that allow students to collaborate and share information. The tool Nota is one such tool with these capabilities and so much more. Check out the Nota notebook below that I created in order to help introduce this exiting and new collaborative tool.

As you can see, Nota allows users to create an interactive poster or graphic that can be embedded on almost any site or social networking tool. One can also follow a direct link and access a notebook the old-fashioned way. Some basic drawing and composition tools provide the ability to create an informative and visually-appealing infographic. Users can also insert media from a number of sources such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and even one’s own hard drive.

What sets Nota apart from some other display/presentation tools is its interactivity. Users can allow their audience to add comments that work like post-it notes. Nota has video conferencing capabilities that are rare for such a tool. An access counter will tell the notebook’s owner how many views a notebook has attained. There’s even a message board users can insert into a notebook. Finally, a feature I discovered by accident while preparing this post, Nota updates in real time. So, if you embed a blank Nota on a website or blog, as you add features, the embedded version updates simultaneously.

To get started, register for an account with Nota and set up your first notebook. Add pages that visitors can access for further information. If needed, you can hide a page or limit commenting. In order to share your notebook, use social media to take your notebook’s message further.

How have you used Nota with your students? What possibilities could you see for teaching and learning with Nota’s tools? What ideas do you have for managing a Nota notebook with students?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist and blogger for the eMINTS National Center.