Friday 4ALL: Prezi and NCSS presentation, Moodle in an elementary school classroom

A short time ago I was asked if I wanted to co-author an article for Social Studies and the Young Learner and I jumped at the opportunity. I had never been asked to write for a publication so I was quite nervous about the whole thing. I then learned that I needed to present at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference in Denver, Co. I had presented before but not at this level.

I have been using Moodle in a 3rd grade classroom for many years and in a (3) college town that trains educators in local schools, word got around about my site. A professor from the University of Missouri, Linda Bennett, contacted me because of the work I was doing with online learning. Over the course of a few months we figured out what I wanted to share and say, and I went to work on creating a presentation for the national conference.

I presented on using technology to integrate social studies into the elementary classroom. I had a great unit already developed and it had been through testing and revisions for a few years. I wanted to be able to present my lesson in an interesting way. I had heard about Prezi, but never given it a try. I really enjoyed using Prezi and my presentation went over well. Well enough to get an invite to the NCSS Technology Committee.

Click to go directly to the Prezi.

If you are interested in social studies, elementary education, Moodle, or educational technology, I believe you will find this an interesting article. The article helps the presentation by giving it some voice. I welcome your thoughts. [Link]

William Cunningham was a teacher here in Columbia, MO but is making the transition to more tech-centric pursuits.