Tuesday’s Tool: ThingLink


ThingLink is an image linking tool which allows you to add descriptions and links various points of an image. Identify a key figure in a famous photo or use the tagging feature to link students to more information on a topic. Watch the video below for details on how this tool works:

Some ways one might use ThingLink in the classroom include:

  • Labeling a map with links to further information about the locales featured
  • Identifying geometric shapes in everyday scenes
  • Creating a fun and interesting interface for a WebQuest
  • Making an interactive timeline (more on this tomorrow)
  • Identifying parts on an image of human anatomy
  • Explaining the process in a screen-capture of a math equation
  • Editing marks for a school newspaper

What other uses could you see for this image tagging tool?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.