Tuesday’s Tool: Voicethread

First of all, what is Voicethread? Watch the Voicethread presentation below to get an idea of what this amazing tool is and what it can do for you.

Now you’re wondering how Voicethread can help you. Well, as you can see, Voicethread is a highly versatile online presentation tool which allows participants to discuss content and media, recording their comments along the way. Students could use Voicethread in real-time, during class for discussion on shared media. Students in classes that meet in different locations or times could participate in the same discussion. All of these options are made quite easy through Voicethread.

Specific classroom applications are plentiful. Brooke suggested back in May that one could use Voicethread for student reflections. The popular Kahn Academy model where lectures happen as homework and the real work of learning happens in the classroom is a good place for Voicethread to work as students digest and discuss content at home. There’s even an Interesting Ways to Use Voicethread in the Classroom presentation with several great ideas for using the tool.

To get started, one has to register, set up a class, and create identities. There’s a good tutorial at the Teacher Challenge blog. A wiki called “Integrating Technology for the Lower Grades” also contains some nice screen shots and steps for setting up Voicethread for your class. For a few examples, there’s a wiki called “Elementary Voicethreads” with samples from various elementary grade levels.

How have you used Voicethread? What other applications could you see for Voicethread in the classroom?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.