Tuesday’s Tool: Google Reader

While searching for a tool to share for today, I realized that there is one tool I turn to time and time again when searching for resources, ideas, and even inspiration. There’s a place where all my favorite websites and blogs send their content so that I don’t have to go searching it out. It’s a time-saving tool that organizes these resources and allows me to search them for whatever I am looking. The tool I decided to post was the same tool where I was looking for an idea: Google Reader.

Brooke posted a while back on the benefits of using your Outlook account for collecting and organizing RSS feeds, but Google offers the ability to access your feeds anywhere while keeping them separate from your email[1]. All you need is a Google and/or Gmail account to get started. Google Reader is listed at the top of your Gmail page or can be found on the menu of Google’s homepage.

Google Reader (like most RSS readers) allows you to manage your content easily and efficiently. Save time by only visiting your Reader homepage as opposed to visiting every site or blog you read on a regular basis. Google Reader insures you won’t miss updates and new articles as new content is delivered to you. There’s even a search feature that allows you to go back through content you may have missed. Additionally, Reader offers ways in which you can discover new content based on your preferences or even friends with which you choose to network.

For more information on Google Reader, check out the following resources:

How has Google Reader made the organization of content easier for you? Have you subscribed to our blog on Google Reader yet[2]? How could you use Google Reader with your students?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center and an avid Google Reader user.

1This is, of course, a personal preference. I like to keep my email and RSS feeds separate so as not to get my digital information too cluttered. However, if you’d like to keep email and RSS feeds in the same place, I highly recommend Brooke’s post.
2Counting myself, I know there are 32 of you out there.