Tuesday’s Tool: SMART Notebook Express

SMART Boards and other interactive white boards have become even more common than the traditional chalkboard in today’s classrooms. Those schools who are equipped with SMART Boards have quickly discovered the virtues of the accompanying software, better known as SMART Notebook. Notebook is such a useful tool that teachers now find ways for students to use the software on their own computers and not just the SMART Board.

Unfortunately, most students do not have access to this software at home. Schools are limited to a certain number of licenses for Notebook software. Students are unable to access SMART Notebook files at home…well, until now!

SMART Notebook Express is a free, online app that can allow any home computer user to have access to SMART Notebook files. This version of the software is paired down and not as extensive as the desktop version, but it does allow a certain amount of access to SMART Notebook files that would be otherwise be inaccessible.

The features on SMART Notebook Express include:

  • Page sorter
  • Text-editing tool
  • Pen tool
  • Object manipulation
  • Create new pages or files
  • Multimedia support
  • Save function

Besides allowing students and parents to access your SMART Notebook files at home, there are other uses for this online app. Create the structure or organization for a lesson from any computer and just add the “bells and whistles” later when you have a full version of Notebook available. You could also simply edit or evaluate a Notebook file from anywhere. If you’re planning to demonstrate a concept already created in Notebook but the computer you’re using isn’t properly equipped, just use Express. The ability to open Notebook files from any computer with or without SMART Notebook makes Express a valuable tool.

Have you tried using SMART Notebook Express yet? What uses can you see for Express?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center and he wishes he had his own SMART Board to keep in his home.