Thursday’s Tip: Evernote

In an era of more paper, it’s easy for important notes and records to get lost in the shuffle. Evernote makes it possible to say goodbye to all that paper. Keep notes, resources, and other documents in one, easy to access place with this fantastic Web 2.0 tool.

There is a website, desktop version, as well as an app for handheld devices that can make files on Evernote available anywhere. Information gathered in one place can be easily accessed and revised in another. Backups are easily created so that nothing is lost. Collect data on your phone to work on your desktop at home and finish back at school the next day. The multiple access points make Evernote invaluable to the teacher on the move.

What kind of information could one keep on Evernote? Documents, photos, websites, and, of course, notes can all be kept neatly and organized. Keep business cards from parents, vendors, or administrators. Take notes on a student’s progress and pictures of her work. Write lesson plans with attachments to resources at home and finish them at school. The question should be: What information can’t one keep on Evernote?

As with most Web 2.0 tools, Evernote is free. Access the website from any computer and store your information there. You can also download the desktop version that will sync with your web account. If you have a smart phone or other online handheld device, download the app and take Evernote everywhere.

In what ways have you used Evernote in the classroom? Are there uses for it you can see that are not mentioned here?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center and he plans to use Evernote this school year in order to keep track of his classroom visits and training sessions.

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Tip: Evernote”

  1. Haven’t used Evernote before, but am checking it out. Seems like a jazzed up version of regular notes, no? Most of the video examples seem like they could be done w/o Evernote at all. For instance, they clip a recipe into Evernote, go to the market their phone, buy ingredients and then cook off of the laptop. But I’m not clear why a bookmarked page on the phone and a laptop w/o Evernote wouldn’t work the same way.

  2. My students use notes with the iPads, but it would be great to use Evernote. I believe that Evernote is the App that is used with the Livescribe pens. I will have to check it out for sure. My students use these pens as an auditory device, but if their notes and recordings could be uploaded from the pens to the iPads that would be awesome. , I would be interested in learning more about Livescribe pens and the iPads compatibility.

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