HD_Links: Blogs You're Reading

The fun part about managing this blog is the number of quality submissions I receive. Some are just resource links, while others are fully-written blog posts. Both kinds of submissions teach me so much and provide a lot of content for Networked Teaching & Learning. Thanks to all of those who have submitted posts! It”s not only made it easier to keep this blog going, but it has also exposed me to some great resources.

That said, several of you suggested blogs and specific blog posts for us to cover. I figured I would lump those together for today”s HD_Links feature. So, here are some blogs our readers are reading (when they”re not reading our posts):

Austin Houp of Ash Grove Schools pointed out this post from the excellent blog, Education Stormfront. Blogger crudbasher makes the point that simply adding technology to our classrooms is not the final goal. A quote:

No, no, no, and no. Technology in the classroom is not the wave of the future anymore than a nice cell phone is the precursor to a good conversation. You have to look at where this all will inevitably lead.

Communication Arts teacher Hollee Ellis suggested reading I Want to Teach Forever“s post on iPhone and iPad resources. Aside from this extremely useful post, IWTTF“s posts are short, to the point, and loaded with ideas and resources. For a quick, casino online informative read, this is the blog for you.

Matthew Ketteman, an elementary teacher in Valley Park, had two blogs to share:

The first is http://brooklynmusic.wordpress.com/.  I enjoyed all of the detailed music information on this blog. Everything from national standards to how to get your students in Julliard! But the thing I really enjoyed was the plethora of student centered links on the bottom of the blog. I had no idea there were so many professional sites geared towards students musical development!

The second blog that really caught my attention was a personal blog from a Kindergarten through 4th teacher in Arkansas. Here blog can be found at http://yourangelofmusic.com/. Her ideas were very practical and all about sharing experiences. She tried things, shared them, took ideas, adapted lessons and shared it all! Very cool!

Reader Rebecca Smith suggested we check out The Bubbly Librarian, an informational and thought-provoking blog on being a school librarian in the 21st Century. This blog would have fit well with our recent list of librarian links.

Thanks to all those who submitted blogs for our reading pleasure. What are some blogs you”re reading?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. He welcomes submissions. There is a link to our submission form along the right side of this site or you can go here.