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A school librarian’s work is never done. They are often the first ones to prepare for a new school year and the last ones to leave in the summer. At some schools, they work throughout the summer. So, in honor of all those librarians out there, here are a few resources for the school librarian/media specialist at your school:

The blog, A Media Specialists Guide to the Internet, is a great resource for library media specialists who want to learn more about tools available on the internet. (via Valerie Jankowski, library media specialist)

Librarian By Day is Bobbi Newman’s attempt to help keep librarians and libraries stay in touch with the digital age. While not specifically focused on school libraries, this blog is useful for the librarian’s librarian and keeps a finger on the pulse of all things technological.

A lot of librarians these days are in-charge of their school’s computer labs (hence the new title “media specialists”). The biggest obstacle to keeping a lab running is dealing with old, out-of-date computers and operating systems. Luckily, Google Chromium OS is free and is a suitable substitute for these obsolete operating systems. Edublogger has all the details if you’re interested.

Here’s a sad sign of the times. One librarian won a 21st century make-over for her school’s library. Her other reward? She was laid-off shortly after. Read more here.

Finally, for those who use Twitter, follow the Tweets by these librarians, media specialists, and library advocacy groups:

What have you read online about school libraries/media centers? Which school librarians do you follow on Twitter or the blogosphere?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center and the son of a retired school media specialist. The image is in the Public Domain and courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.