Tuesday’s Tool: Museum Box

Museum Box is an online tool that allows you to create a virtual box of artifacts to describe an event, person, or time period.  This tool is perfect for the classroom.  Students can upload or select text, videos, images, sounds, file attachments (documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.), and Internet links to demonstrate their understanding of a topic of study.  They organize their Museum Box into different layers and add captions to describe the connection to the main topic.

Where did the idea for Museum Box originate?  According to the creators, Museum Box was inspired by Thomas Clarkson, an abolitionist who collected evidence for his cause.  Users can view a virtual Museum Box for Thomas Clarkson, and teachers can use this box as an example for their students.  When the Museum Box is finished, students can publish their final product and upload it to the site.  Museum Box also includes several documents and resources for teachers, who can register their school to review and approve their students’ projects.  Museum Box is an excellent online tool for students to demonstrate their higher-level thinking using a multimedia project inspired by history.

Today’s post was shared by Amberleigh Slaven, a fifth grade teacher at Mill Creek Elementary here in Columbia, MO.