Friday 4ALL: What is Cognitive Coaching?

Over the past month the Networked Teaching & Learning blog has published a handful of posts referencing Cognitive CoachingSM. Some of you might be wondering what Cognitive CoachingSM is and why eMINTS is talking about it.

The Center for Cognitive CoachingSM defines Cognitive CoachingSM as a “research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances teachers’ cognitive processes with a mission to produce self-directed individuals.” They further explain that self-directed individuals know how to self-monitor, self-modify, and self manage independently and as members of a community. They offer the metaphor of Cognitive CoachingSM is like a stagecoach not a baseball coach. Coaching is a way to get from here to there but not someone that knows what is best and tells you what to do. Coaching helps an individual go from where they are to where they want to be.  As a coach, you help your coachee plan, reflect, and problem resolve.  A coach supports thinking and empower’s a coachee.

So why is eMINTS interested in Cognitive CoachingSM…. What we believe is that coaching makes perfect sense as a tool for those affiliated with eMINTS to achieve what we have identified as outcomes for eMINTS classrooms. Cognitive CoachingSM is yet another tool that can serve as scaffolding for our staff, facilitators, teachers, and students in a hope to help them become self-directed, resourceful, and life-long learners. eMINTS and The Center for Cognitive CoachingSM both value supporting instructional change, purposeful lesson design, enhanced thinking, and building a community of learners.

The Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar®is an eight-day professional development opportunity for instructional coaches, administrators, teachers, mentors, professors, supervisors, eMINTS PD4ETS program participants, certified Educational Technology Specialists and anyone who wants to encourage self-directedness of others. Participants will learn strategies to increase others’ thinking potential and mediate thinking when working with someone who is planning, reflecting or struggling with a problem.

Check out the eMINTS website events page for information on attending if you are interested improving your skills as a coach and mediator of thinking and plan on attending the Cognitive CoachingSM Foundations Seminar hosted by The eMINTS National Center. The seminar consists of 8 days of high quality professional development focused on learning communication tools and conversation structures you can use as a coach to support others thinking. We will be starting the next round of trainings in early September. Get signed up now to reserve your seat.

Carmen Marty, Terri Brines, & Brooke Higgins are eMINTS Instructional Specialists and Cognitive Coaching/eMINTS Agency Trainers. For more information about Cognitive Coaching and upcoming related seminars visit the eMINTS National Center events page.

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