HD_Links: 4Teachers.org

ALTEC, Advanced Learning and Technologies, a project from the University of Kansas, offers instructional web-based resources to improve teaching and learning and support all learners. They have worked with many entities on their campus to create the Star Tools as part of the 4Teachers.org site and provide more than 10 innovative technology resources for teachers and students.

Last week we shared Classroom Architect as a tool for planning the arrangement of your learning space. This week we are featuring a few more of the tools that 4teachers.org offers. See which of these tools might support your students in the learning activities you have planned for them next year. Visit the 4Teacher.org site for a full list Hüpfburg Midi Bauernhof.

  • Assign a Day: teachers create calendars to schedule and manage assignments and allow students access to monitor requirements assigned to them.
  • Think Tank: help students develop a Research Organizer (a list of topics and subtopics) for reports and projects
  • NoteStar: an online tool used to assist in the preparation of research papers. Teachers and students can set up research projects with topics and sub-topics. Students may then take advantage of NoteStar’s many features to collect and organize their notes and prepare their bibliography page.
  • TrackStar: a jumping off point for your online lessons and activities. You collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, add descriptions or instructions for your students, then publish it. Share the link with your students and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track. You can create your own or use one already made by other educators.
  • KidsVid: an instructional website built to help students and teachers with video production when including multimedia projects in your classroom lessons.
  • RubiStar: a free tool to help teachers create effective rubrics. Registered users can save and edit rubric. All users can search through the existing rubrics hire commercial bouncy castle.

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. You can read more at her blog Higgins Helpful Hints Blog. A big “thank you” goes out to Diane McCormack, a PD4ETS Graduate and Instructional Technology Facilitator with the Affton Public Schools, for sharing this great resource.