Monday Message: Get SMART this summer!

Getting a new SMART Board in your classroom this year? Need a refresher to help increase your effectiveness using the SMART Board and SMART Notebook? Interested in making your SMART Notebook lessons more interactive and engaging for students? If so, you might be interested in one of the professional development opportunities eMINTS is offering around the state of Missouri this summer.

eMINTS will offer 2 levels of professional development in Columbia, St. Louis, and Springfield. All trainings will be led by SMART certified specialists. At Level 1 training, you will increase your effectiveness with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software at a full-day professional development on-site session. At Level 2 training, you will learn how to design lesson activities in Notebook collaborative learning software by adding style and incorporating interactive content at a full-day professional development on-site session.

Check the eMINTS website for dates, locations, fees, and more. Sign up now to guarantee your spot in this high quality professional development. Seating is limited.

Between now and the SMART training dates you may want to browse these SMART resources and fill your virtual file cabinet with great activities that support your curriculum.

  • The SMART Exchange: Professionally created Notebook activities correlated to state standards, from SMART Technologies, teachers, and even publishers. Download and use these SMART Notebook files as is or edit them to fit your needs.
  • eMINTS eThemes: Your source for content-rich, kid-safe online resources.
    • Technology Flash Files – find flash files specifically for using with a Smart Notebook. Includes instructions for how to import flash files into the Notebook and how to retrieve flash files.
    • Teaching Tips: SMART Board Resources – resources for various subjects and grade levels. There are downloadable lessons, interactive websites, templates, interactive videos, and teaching ideas.
    • Math: SMART Board Activities – activities for geometry, number and operation concepts, functions and algebra, fractions, and statistics. Explore the many different applets.

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. You can read more at her blog Higgins Helpful Hints Blog.

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