HD_Links: Lucky 7 Online Writing Tools

It's time to write

Here are seven online tools and resources for helping your students in generating their best creative work.

  • Remember “choose your own adventure” books when you were growing up? Well, now there’s a collaborative writing project called One Million Monkeys Typing where you can help write such adventures. Follow the routes already set by previous writers or add your own twist.
  • Another collaborative writing project is FoldingStory where contributors are limited to 120 word “folds” in order to complete a narrative.
  • Remember Magnetic Poetry? Still have those magnetic tiles with a variety of words allowing you to create poetry on your refrigerator? Now, there’s an online version for your students to write their own poetry. Check out Magnetic Poetry’s Kids’ Poetry Page and see for yourself.
  • Lightning Bug provides young writers a writing partner when they need some feedback or ideas in writing a story. This could be an excellent tool for those students who find themselves out of school and writing workshop for an extended period.
  • Besides the need for writing partners, young writers also need graphic organizers. Writing Fun by Jenny Eather is your one stop for an interactive graphic aid resource.
  • Games and writing prompts that can spark creative writing can be found at Language Is a Virus.
  • Sometimes, the best way to make the dialogue in creative writing seem more authentic is to add a flavor of a local dialect. “The Dialectizer” is such a tool. Enter a URL or selection of text and choose a generalized dialect to transform dialogue into a conversation that looks the way you want it to sound.

What are some online tools and resources you use to help your students with their writing?

Zac Early is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. He wants to give a big H/T to PD4ETS graduate Diane McCormack, a tech facilitator for Affton Schools, for pointing out these and many other great online resources.