4ALL: Shared Experiences

While scrolling through my Google Reader, I stopped at a post in my subscription to WordPress’s Freshly Pressed feature. “So I was on a plane to Florida…” was the one that caught my eye. Blogger and Twitter enthusiast Stefanie Gordon tells her story of Tweeting a picture of the Space Shuttle Endeavor breaking through the clouds as seen from her seat aboard a flight on Delta Airlines.

Gordon goes on to tell her story of how this image made her an instant sensation. The picture and her name spread throughout the internet and all over mass media outlets. One Tweet provided her fifteen minutes of fame.

While the effect her picture going viral had on Gordon’s life is significant, what is even more interesting is the fact that her little share allowed the world to experience what only she and any other passengers on her flight could have experienced. This is the real power of social media and why wouldn’t we want our students to have access to these experiences?

Twitter especially is adept at sharing experiences. Instantly, from wherever, Twitter users can share perspective, images, even video of their experiences. While many of these experiences can be somewhat mundane, a few are as amazing and worthy our time, much like Gordon’s picture of the Space Shuttle.

Zac Early is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center and he Tweets.