Tuesday’s Tool: Create Quick and Easy Visual Organizers

Popplet is a Web 2.0 tool for creating graphic/visual organizers with a simple, easy to use platform. Popplet allows users to explore ideas, create galleries, record thoughts, collect inspiration, collaborate together, and present it all to the world.

Popplet creators boast that their tool will allow users to sort, discuss, share, visualize, mash-up, plan, remix, express, create, decide, and so much more. The tool is so simple that you won’t need to teach your students how to use it before you start your lesson; they can jump right in and figure it out as they begin to create their first organizer. Each click gives basic instructions to support users as they work.

In addition to using Popplet on the web, it is available for the iPad in a full version with all the website features for only $4.99 or a free light version with many of the same features. For those of you thinking about how you might use an iPad in your classroom, check out how the full version of Popplet works and see if it might be an app for your students.

As you continue to plan authentic, student centered lessons that will engage your kids as they collaborate and learn from each other, how might you use this Web 2.0 tool to support their thinking?

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. You can read more at her blog Higgins Helpful Hints Blog.