Thursday’s Tip: Handmade Visualization Toolkit

Via collection of data visualizations.

Reading and creating visualizations of data is a key part of schooling. Graphic visualization is covered in the social studies, sciences, and mathematics. ┬áInstead of looking at textbook graphics or creating aids on graph paper, why not use a Homemade Visualization Toolkit like the one created by “visual thinker” Jose Duarte and create three-dimensional, real-life models of data similar to the one above.

The kit includes all the pieces you see below. This is how Duarte describes his project:

I am exploring new and simple ways to represent information. That is why [I] made my own visualization kit-tool that [I] use to make any kind of graphics quickly.

With it you can make any kind of graphics including: abstracts maps and diagrams, area graphs and charts, arrow diagrams, bar graphs, venn diagrams, time line charts, bubble graphs, circle diagramas, proportional charts, organization charts, and really, whatever you want.

All rights reserved by jose.duarte

Duarte is making his kit available for free. All you have to do is email him and make a request. Of course, if you don’t want to take full advantage of his generosity, you could create your own kit(s) and send him some of your results.

All images are from Jose Duarte’s Flickr page. Hat-tip goes out to the incredible visualization blog Information Aesthetics.

Zac Early is a instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.