Thursday’s Tip: Why Should Teachers use Blogs?

There are many different tools that can be used in the technology-rich classroom. Tools that can be chosen based on what they do, or what they provide for students and the teacher. One tool that is often used in classrooms is a blog. As one second grade teacher found in her own classroom blogs can be used as a motivational tool for students who are reluctant readers and writers. Look at the blog to find out how she used blogging with her students to provide motivation: For the Love of Teaching.

Here are several examples of other classroom blogs that teachers are currently using to compliment and enhance their teaching and what is happening in their classrooms.

Mrs. Adams’ Third Grade Class
Krebs Class Blogs
The Greatest Middle School Blog in the World

There are many places teachers can go to create their own blogs, and many free services available. Your only job is finding the one that works for your classroom and your students. Some possible options to look into are Blogger, WordPress, and Blogmeister.

Just another tool to utilize in the classroom that offers endless possibilities for both teacher and students.

Angie Esser is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.