Tuesday’s Tool: Doodle

I wish I would have thought of this post about a month ago because the information may have saved several teachers from relying upon slips of paper or multiple e-mails to confirm parent-teacher conference appointments. Doodle.com offers a very easy way to set up a poll to schedule a meeting with multiple people.

The “schedule an event” feature allows you to find a common open meeting day and time for several people. This is great for committee meetings or event planning. Or, you could use it to offer an opportunity for people to “sign up” for a time to meet with you, such as parent-teacher conferences.

The “make a choice” poll allows you to gather all individual preferences or choices in one place. For example, if you are the head coach for your daughter’s soccer team, then you can use Doodle.com to find out which day is best for your players to practice by setting up a “make a choice” poll.

The “meet me” feature allows you to schedule 1:1 meetings and will sync with your Outlook, Google or Doodle calendar. This is great for scheduling after school tutoring sessions and advisory appointments.

Other great features include:
• the ability to view the information as a table or in a calendar
• the ability to export to Excel or PDF
• notifications sent to your email when participants provide information – you may turn this feature off
• immediate results
• the option of hiding results from participants
• it is very easy to set up and very easy to use
• registration is not required to use the site – registration is required for creating and editing polls
• it is FREE!

As mentioned before, this post could have been more helpful earlier this year. However, there will be plenty of scheduling challenges in the future. Therefore, the next time you face the tedious task of schedule a meeting or event, consider using Doodle.com. It will help to simplify and expedite the process.

Cara Wylie is an area instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.