HD_Links: Classroom Blogs

The blog is still maybe the most usable and versatile online, classroom tool. Many eMINTS teachers are experiencing training right now on such communication tools. The only issue is that it is hard to find great examples of classroom blogs on which to base one’s own blog.
Look no further than the three lists below. Each list includes a wide range of blogs teachers can mine for ideas as to how to go about implementing their own classroom blogs. Keep in mind that some of the blogs on these lists are more writing exercises for the teachers rather than their students. Also, some of the blogs listed are a bit out of date. Either way, one should be able to find solid examples of classroom blogging that fits every classroom need.

  • Sue Waters, aka The Edublogger, has a rather¬†comprehensive¬†list of classroom blogs on Edublogs. The blogs are conveniently organized by grade level and/or subject area. One will find that her examples have a rather international feel as they cover several¬†continents and countries.
  • SupportBlogging.com provides an enormous list of educational blogs, but their list of classroom blogs is hard to top. There are even classroom podcasts and individual teacher blogs as you scroll down.
  • Making Teachers Nerdy is a third long list of educational blogs. Included are some fine examples of classroom blogs, but I’m sure one can find something for nearly every educational focus.

What are some classroom blogs you have found? Does your class have a blog you’d like to share?

Update: eIS Carmen Marty collected the following list for her teachers. Thanks, Carmen! http://elasticthinking.weebly.com/creating-a-classroom-blog.html

Zac Early is an avid blogger and instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.