4ALL: What inspires you?

Flying Delta over the clouds and Memphis, Tennessee

Sometimes I REALLY miss being a classroom teacher….having “my kids” and creating lessons just for them that will wow them, engage them, inspire them, and encourage them to be life long learners….that’s what I miss. Sometimes all it takes to remind me is one little inspiration, one little spark, one little idea.velcro wall for sale

Today that inspiration came when I was reading Descending Into The Clouds At Sunset, a blog post by Wesley Fryer on his blog Moving at the Speed of Creativity. His post was quick; with an image and video clip taken outside the window of his plane as he was descending upon Memphis, TN. On its most basic level, his post reminded me that I can upload video to my Flickr account to share with the world (how do I keep forgetting that). A bit deeper, it made me think about a lesson I was coaching a teacher through the other day where she is teaching the kids about cloud formations and how meteorologists use what they know about clouds to predict weather. This might be another resource she could share with her students. But on it’s deepest level for me – this video reminded me that not many of my students had ever experienced being in a plane, being ABOVE the clouds, being outside of our classroom, or even outside of our town.

Giving students experiences that helped THEM to build their knowledge was what I lived for as a classroom teacher. It was what I longed for in every lesson I taught…and when it happened I could almost hear the lightbulbs turning on. That is what I miss most about being a classroom teacher.

Now I get to work with many teachers and do the next best thing….inspire them to create inspiring learning opportunities for their students. So today, I offer Wesley Fryer’s blog post and this…..What inspires your teaching?

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center.

One thought on “4ALL: What inspires you?”

  1. So glad this post inspired your thinking!

    Field Trips are SUCH an important part of learning – real schema building “out in the world” definitely helps turn on cognitive light bulbs better than anything else!

    I’d like to see more emphasis in classrooms using technology on going OUT into the world to share our experiences virtually with others. This is something I’d like to develop more through Storychasers. It can be powerful to use technology to record and share our reflections, especially when new light bulbs are turning on.


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