Thursday’s Tip: Engage Students with Animated Avatars – Voki

Voki is an online tool that lets users create personalized, talking avatars for free. The site provides an easy to navigate, step-by-step process to help you to create your own avatar in minutes. You can easily embed the personalized, animated avatar in your website, blog, email, or use them in your profile on many sites. See the Voki blog greeting I created here under the “Helpful Hints Blog” title.

Voki has been around for some time now but has just become a bit more classroom friendly and advertising free with the addition of Voki for Education. Accounts are created using an email address and the tool is very student friendly. The site now offers a Teacher‘s Corner (discussion board) and Lesson Plan database section to help you to start using Voki with students. They do suggest using Voki with kids 13 and over but teachers can use Voki to engage and excite students of all ages.

Some suggestions for using Voki in the classroom include create a class mascot that talks to visitors to the class, using a Voki to make announcements, weather, reports, tell stories, and so much more. Please share your ideas for using Voki by leaving a comment.

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. You can read more of her blog posts at Higgin’s Helpful Hints Blog.