HD Links: Your Own Virtual Corkboards

Are you the kind of person that likes to post sticky notes everywhere and have all your ideas, inspirations, lists, and more right in front of you? Well you may find virtual bulletin boards are the tool for you. Many of these tools available on the web offer a simple click, type, and drag feature with the option to make your board public and someĀ  can even be used as a collaboration tool.

Web 2.0 is making what were once organizational tools that filled our classroom and office walls now tools that can follow us anywhere and be at the tip of our fingers when we want access to them. What is even cooler is that these tools are so easy to use your students will be able to utilize them in a matter of minutes and be using them all while learning how to manage, compile, and share information and make connections between abstract ideas and their world.

A couple of free and easy to use virtual cork boards you may want to check out are: (some do require users to create a free account)

  • Spaaze.com -in beta and free for now, basic tool will be free forever
  • Corkboard.me -creates a corkboard page and you share the URL
  • Wallwisher.com -no account necessary
  • Linoit.com -in beta and free for now
  • Stixy.com -a bit more than just a bulletin board
  • Postica.ca -“create, attach, and share” – works with Twitter & iGoogle

Classroom Applications: Students can use these sites individually or to collaborate with others and brainstorm ideas, share information learned through research, plan projects, create project time lines or checklists and so much more. Share your ideas for using these sites in the classroom by sharing a comment.

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist with the eMINTS National Center. You can find her blog, Higgins Helps, here.

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