Tuesday’s Tool: My eBook

Create electronic books for free at MyeBook. Their simple and easy to use online tool offers many options for creating original books. You can use one of their templates or start from scratch with blank pages. The tool is so easy to use that an author can simply click on the text tool and start typing to begin.

The online book creator uses drag and drop technology allowing an author to drag items around on pages placing them exactly where they want them even offering the ability to create 2 page spreads. MyeBook includes a Gallery where users can upload their own images or choose from the hundreds of images and backgrounds MyeBooks provide. The gallery also allows users to upload flash items, files, audio clips, and video or embed code to display an online video. Users can drag items from the gallery directly to where they want them on the page or make them the entire background for a page or set of pages. Formatting the book is easy with the formatting toolbar that changes to the tool you need depending on what items you have selected on your page.

MyeBook will save your books to their site and will give you a link directly to it or you can copy and paste the code into your blog or website to display your original creation. To create your free account you must have an email address. The site will allow you to log into multiple locations at one time with one account and work on the projects simultaneously. There is not a printing option for the eBooks

Check out the book I made in a few short minutes. The password is: rocky

Myebook - The Adventures of Rocky - Part 1 - click here to open my ebook

Brooke Higgins is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center and writes for her own blog, Higgins Help.