Monday Message: New Year’s Resolutions

Image used with permission from Indexed.

Sure, it’s cliched, but this is as good a time as any to make plans to do something new, something better than you did it before. It’s a new calendar year, a new grading period, and even new semester. The new year is an ideal time to develop your professional practices and add to your professional toolbox.

Let Networked Teaching & Learning help with your new year’s resolution. Every day, we post useful ideas, tools, and resources for the eMINTS classroom…and any 21st century, inquiry-based, student-centered classroom, really. Each day offers the tools and information you’ll need to make your resolutions happen this year.

Our topics throughout the week are as follows…

  • Monday Message – This is where eMINTS and eLearning announcements are made. Plus, as this blog develops an identity, these posts will begin to set the tone for the posts that follow.
  • Tuesday’s Tool – Look here on Tuesdays for a great online tool that will make your classrooms more efficient and allow your students to meet 21st century learning goals.
  • HD Links (Wednesday) – Looking for online resources for your students or even to inform your own teaching? Our HD Links should do the trick.
  • Thursday’s Tip – The vast experiences of eMINTS staff and teachers provide some great teaching tips, both digital and analogue.
  • Friday 4ALL – This day is dedicated for our “misfit” posts that don’t really fit in any of the days mentioned above. Still, it’s a very worthwhile day to check out Networked Teaching & Learning.

As you can see, every day is a good day to visit Networked Teaching & Learning for all of your resolution needs.

What are your new year’s resolutions? What do you hope for your students in 2011? Might one of your resolutions include submitting a post for publishing here at Networked Teaching & Learning? Let us know your new year’s resolution in the comments below.