What Motivates Us

What motivates us?  What motivates students?  Enjoy this video based on Daniel Pink’s book Drive.  How might this content be applied to your classroom and your students?  What truly motivates our students?  Grades, free homework pass, knowing they did a great job?  How might we change our classrooms from focusing on carrots and sticks and help student become self-directed, autonomous thinkers?

Carmen Marty is an instructional specialist for the eMINTS National Center.

One thought on “What Motivates Us”

  1. How eye opening…the speech/graphic really drives home the point that research has shown “if we want engagement – self-directed is better”. This seems to really align with Constructivism and what we talk about at eMINTS. How do we move from dangling carrots to giving kids a purpose for being in school?

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